Hand Crank Dynamo USB Charger For Outdoor Use

Patent Cute Mango Shaped Dynamo USB Charger,Hand cranking USB Cell Phone Emergency Charger,Best Promotional Gifts,Small and Lights easy to carry and without battery;

Product Details

Hand Crank Dynamo USB Charger for Outdoor Use

1. Dynamo USB Charger without battery ( Also can add 200mah battery if necessary);

2. Material: TPU+ABS

3. Motor Power: 3W

4. Feature: The LED Indicator is blue under charging status;

                    Just cranking the dynamo, it can charge the mobile phone;

                    To charge the device by hand generator for the emergency use;

                     Can be applicable to iPhone,others mobile phone,Ipod,MP3,MP4 ,Digital camera etc.    

5. As Small and Light as mango,easy to carry and best gift for promotion. 



Dynamo usb charger (4).jpg

Our Service:

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5. Long time warranty:  We offer 18 months warranty which is really amazing;

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