3D Squishy Animal Doll TPU Phone Case for iPhone X

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Product Details

3D Squishy Animal Cat Doll Soft Silicone TPU Phone Case for iPhone X

1. Product Name: 3D Squishy doll iPhone Case,3D Cute soft TPU iPhone case,Squish Cute Animal Phone Case;

2. Soft TPU Case designed with 3D Squishy animal cartoon doll, pinch the doll to relieve pressure;

3. Provides great protection and decoration case: prevent dusk,shock,scratches and damages for your iPhone;

4. Different Cute animal doll: Cat,Bear,Paw,Seal sea...

5. Different Cartoon printing on the iPhone Case;

6. Seamless Fit:  Phone Case for iPhone 8, for iPhone x,for iPhone7 &7 Plus; For iPhone 6&6plus; For Samsung Mobile phone;

7. Easy clean: Animal doll is very easy to get dirty. You can use the cotton swab moistened with moisturizing milk or alcohol to wipe off the stains.or sprinkle some baby powder or mineral powder on the cat body when you feel it is too sticky.



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