Mini Colorful Led Cube Light

Factory custom LED light cube,LED Flashing cubes,Led five-point star,LED light,LED Bar light,LED Lights plush toys,LED Lights gifts,LED Light greeting card,Flashing music postcards and LED Light pcb module, Competitive price and High quality.

Product Details

The selling point of the cube lamp:

1. Colorful LED Cube as LED Bar desk lamp, LED Glowing cube light for christmas,new year,birthday parties;

2. LED Cube light multi-colors night lamp as home decoration, put cube light on the dinner table,creating romance sweet atmosphere; Put the led cube on the bedroom,creat a warm and warm and comfortable environment;

3. LED ice cubes as children educaitonal toys,cubes with colorful lights,each side with each color, By turning the cube, show different color, to guide children's perception of color, cultivate their ability, ability to discern.

4. Cube night light best gift for children,friends,relatives,colleagues with different colors tones,different level brightness and different flash modes;

5. Cube table lamp different size: 7.5 cm Square, 8cm square,10cm square,

15cm square,20cm square,30cm square,40cm square,50cm square,60cm square;

6. LED Light cube,LED Light ball, LED Light five star,LED light egg, requirement custom shape;


led lights cubes.jpg

led light cubest and five stars.jpg

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