(Ble4.0) Features of Bluetooth Low Energy Technology

- Apr 23, 2018-

Data Transfers - Bluetooth low energy technology supports very short data packets (8 octet to 27 octet) with transmission speeds up to 1 Mbps. All connections use an advanced sniff-subrating mode to achieve an ultra-low duty cycle. The


Frequency Hopping—Bluetooth low-power technology, like other Bluetooth versions, uses regulatory frequency hopping to minimize the interference of other technologies in the 2.4 GHz ISM band. This technique also allows efficient multipathing to increase the link budget, thereby increasing the range.

Host Control - Highly intelligent controller designed by Bluetooth low energy technology allows the host to sleep for a long period of time and is started by the controller only when the host needs to operate. Since the host consumes more energy than the controller, this design also saves the most energy.


Latency—Online setup of Bluetooth low-power technology takes only 3 milliseconds (ms) to complete; at the same time, the linker can be quickly started with the application, and after the approved data transfer is completed with a transmission speed of several milliseconds. Immediately close the link - Bluetooth module.

Range - An increase in the modulation index allows the low-power wireless technology to increase its range and range to over 100 meters.

Robustness - Bluetooth Low Energy uses a 24-bit Cyclic Repeat Check (CRC) to ensure maximum stability of all packets when disturbed.

Strong Security - Use CCM's AES-128 full encryption to provide high levels of encryption and authentication for data packets.

Topology - Bluetooth low energy technology uses 32-bit access addresses for each slave device and each packet, allowing billions of devices to be simultaneously linked. This technology not only optimizes one-to-one links, but also uses star topology to complete one-to-many links. In the case of rapid on-line and disconnected switching, data can move between mesh topologies, but it does not appear to be too complex to maintain the network.

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