Top Selling LED Fidget Spinner. Direct Factory with Stock 10000pcs

- Aug 24, 2017-

Hottest LED Light Fidget Spinner Finger Plastic EDC Hand Spinner For Autism and ADHD Relief Focus Anxiety Stress 


    1. Colorful LED Light Fidget Spinner With Dazzling Performance! It is cool and special! 

    2. Each spiner has 3 arms, each arm featured with red, green and blue light, led of each arm are controlled separately, 

      you're free to turn on led of 1 arm only, and keep other 2 off, or keep all leds light on 

    3. 3-Mode: press button on each branch to switch mode 

    4. Ideal for Fidgety Hands, and Help Reduce Stress, Relieve Pressure and Anxiety, Focusing, Repel Anger, ADHD, Autism, and Keep You Awake, Kill time, etc 



    1. Model: Tri Spinning Finger Toy

    2. Light Color: Red+Green+Blue 

    3. Shell Color: Red | Blue | Green | Black | White | Yellow | Pink | Orange | Random Delivery

    4. Gender: Unisex

    5. Group: Kids/Adults/Seniors

    6. Material: ABS