Wireless Charger For Phone Manufacturer

- Jul 19, 2019-

Wireless charger for phone manufacturer

What is wireless charger?

The wireless charger is actually a charger that is connected to the terminal device that needs to be recharged without using a conventional charging power cord.

The latest wireless charging technology is adopted, and by using the magnetic field generated between the coils, the magical transmission of electric energy, the inductive coupling technology will become a bridge connecting charging base stations and devices.  

The advantages as below:

1. convenient

There is no need to connect the wires when charging, just put them near the charger.  In the case where there are a plurality of electric devices, it is possible to omit a plurality of chargers, do not occupy a plurality of power sockets, and have no trouble that a plurality of wires are entangled with each other.

2. durable

Since the power transmission element is not exposed, it is not eroded by moisture, oxygen, or the like in the air, and there is no loss due to mechanical wear and flashover during connection and separation.

3. security

No power contact design to avoid the risk of electric shock.