Bady White Noise Sleep Machine

Bady white noise sleep machine

Product Details

Bady white noise sleep machine

High sound quality bady sleep ligh music sound machine

1: A VARIETY OF SOUNDS: Built with different light music.

2: EXCELLENT SOUND QUALITY: Non-looping sound recordings are encoded at a 320 Kbps high-resolution bitrate, ensuring true-to-life sound tracks; the speaker was produced by a world leading manufacturer with an incredibly authentic sound reproduction.

3: TIMER FUNCTION: The timer can be set from 1 hour to 7 hours so you can set it to suit your unique preferences.

4: 3 VOLUME LEVELS: Offers a wide range of volumes with 30 levels, allowing you to find the comfort level for babies, children and adults.

5: INTELLIGENT MEMORY FUNCTION: The previously set volume level, audio track and timer will be remembered; your favourite sound automatically comes to play when powered on without the need to reset more.

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