Module For Talking Stuffed Animals

module for talking stuffed animals

Product Details

module for talking stuffed animals


Musical press sound box module  

Customized are acceptable

Good audio quality

stuffed toys voice box


Finished Products

General Information for musical press sound box module 

1.  musical press sound box module message:voice,music,melody,

     sound are avaiable customized are welcome

2.  function option:pre-recorded or recordable with LED or not

3.  voice duration : Custom talking push buttons even more if needed

    Plastic box: size 25-35mm diameter,thickness15 - 38mm.

    Sound could be any animal sounds,traffic sound effects,music,voice or any sound effects.

    Sound length: from 2 seconds to 14 seconds.(or any long by you wish)

    Power: cell battery.replaceable,environmental.

    Operation:push or squeeze to play the sound.(push the belly)or with leadwires,push the legs or hands.


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