Talking Keychain Recording Keychain

Talking Keychain Recording Keychain

Talking Keychain Recording Keychain

Product Details

Small portable recording keychain, digital voice recorder with keychain

Compact voice keychain is a small unique digital voice recorder that holds up to 10 seconds of information. Can save message,can support repeat recording. Recording keychain can be used a great gadget for reminders, personal notes, promotional gifts,holiday gifts,birthday gifts.etc.

The Recording sound keychain has the playback button to replay the message you recorded. To record a new message you will have to press record and the old will be erased.  

Customized recording keychain,can be added others function,such as lock button ,to protect recorded messages from being erased. Playback will still be in funciton in "Record lock" mode. such as Flashlight funciton on this micro voice recorder keyring, just switch on the flashlight LED Light. Different function keychain with different price, many customer love simple and cheap sound keychain, some customers choose multi-functional digital keyrings.


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