Sound Box Recordable Music Box

sound box recordable music box

Product Details

sound box recordable music box

1. Animal cow sound box, animal sound box    Message: Voice,music,melody,sound are avaiable

2. Function Option: Pre-recorded or recordable with LED or custom

3. Voice duration: 0-1800s,even more if needed

4. Speaker Size: Dia 16,23,27,29,36,40,50mm is avaiable for choice

5. PCB Size: 70mm*30mm; 40mm*25mm customized is avaiable

6. Components: Voice IC,PCB board, speaker and battery

7. Sound formate: MP3,WAV

8. Switch Option: Pull-tab switch, push button, light,motion, vibration activated the sound

9. Battery: 2-4pcs cell battery for different item

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