Artificial Paper Crafts 30 Seconds Recordable Christmas Cards

Artificial Paper Crafts 30 Seconds Recordable Christmas Cards

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Product Details

Professional design ,develop,produce and sale recordable sound module,recordable greeting cards,recordable birthday cards,recordable christmas cards with blessing,promotional printing;

* Recording time: 6s, 10s, 16s, 20s,30s and 60 seconds

* Battery: 3 x AG10

* Record method: 

1) Open the card and press "REC" button, the indicator sound, after than you can speak to the microphone, it begins to record. 

2) Finished recording,then press button "play" to listen your recorded sound;

3) Recordable greeting cards support repeat recroding, If there is anything you do not like, you can try again until you are satisfied;

4) While you record new message, the old record will be disappeared automatically.


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