6S Recordable Sound Chip Module For Greeting Cards

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Product Details

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              6S 10S 30S Recordable Sound Chip Module for Greeting Cards

1. Customized Sound chip with recording time 6S 10S 30S and more, You can re-record your message as many times as you wish music or any sound effect using the built-in MIC,and Push button to play activation.

2. Paste sound chip module on the greeting card to creat your own gift cards,talking postcard;

3. Custom sound chip with push buttons: Play button,REC button,Next button,Volume button;

4. Sound module built-in 3pcs AG10 Battery or USB rechargeable battery;

5. Greeting cards sound chip with Insulation Slices,Ensure the battery before you use it.

6. Item No.:  ZXS-RC015 Recordable Sound chip for greeting cards 

Photos of Greeting Card recordable sound chip :

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ZXS Company:
Manufacturer specializing in developing and manufacturing electronic gifts and toys, including voice recording module/sound greeting card/sound photo frame/Video brochure/musical boxes/ LED flashing toys/ Promotional sound keychains/talking sound books and other novelty items etc.
We look forward to your specific inquiries and hope you have the opportunity to cooperate with you in the future. 

Contact: Lola Wu
Skype/wechat: lolawu20;
Whatsapp: +86-15986741983
Email: lola@zxs1688.com

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OPP BagRecordable sound chip ,duration time with 6S-120S


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