Waterproof Sound Module With LED Light

Waterproof Sound Module With LED Light

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Product Details

1. LED Light Waterproof Sound module component: 

sound IC,speaker(buzzer),battery,switch,LED Lights,waterproof plastic bag;

2. Feature: 

1) sound module size and shape (Custom);

2) sound chip modules pre-recorded sound and music time: 6S,10S,30S,60S and More;

3) Push button sound module: Power On/Off button, Play/pause button;

4) This waterproof sound module with LED Flashing (Custom flash ways and colors);

5) Other function: Recordable sound module,recordableVoice button with LED Flash (custom) 

3. Usage Occasion: Waterproof music greeting card, Waterproof LED postcards,Waterproof children toys,waterproof music bracelet, Waterproof music hat,Waterproof music clothes,waterproof music shoes,waterproof music gift box,waterproof music shopping bag,waterproof music plush toys,waterproof music doll...waterproof toys and gift with led light.

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