Cheapest Price 2.4'' Digital Screen LCD Video In Print Brochures

Professional research and development of sound module,digital photo frame , multimedia advertising, video greeting cards,Video brochures and other digital e-commerce gifts, wholesale / export / gift custom, the absolute factory direct sales, functional diversification, more style , quality assurance, OEM / ODM, for customers in the product screen printing you need LOGO (such as company name, company logo), do boot publicity LOGO.

Product Details

Customers can choose their own needs to choose the different size LCD screen;

Video brochure card material: 250 grams of coated paper + LCD screen + PCB circuit board + speaker + lithium battery + EVA + usb port


1. Individuals or companies are free to upload personal video or corporate commercial advertising into the memory card to play, is currently very practical and popular trend of a commercial advertising! At present, large-scale European and American companies are very popular mobile commercial advertising, beautiful fashion, highlighting the company's strength and innovation! (Such as: Germany's Mercedes-Benz, BMW, Ferrari and other car manufacturers have used this promotional video brochure)

2. Memory support 128MB-8GB (minimum memory is 128MB), support playback time ranging from 30-160 minutes.

3. 3.7V lithium battery support cycle charging function, battery capacity  350-1500mA (depending on the screen size and customers' requirement).

4. The LCD video business cards ,General solution support: MJP, ANI and other formats, high-end solution MP4, AVI, 3GP, WMV and other playback formats.

5. Video in print book built-in 8 European 2W high quality speakers.

6. LCD Video greeting cards with a variety of playback options, such as: open play, close closed, key play, 5 sections video playback options. Can also achieve multi-button multi-video capabilities.

7. The greeting card comes with a USB data cable,for charging,uploading videos.

8. Video player cards with normal battery full load case, you can work 3-5 hours or so, you can charge through the USB port.

9. We can design various video greeting card designs and LOGO for guests for free, until the customer is satisfied.

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