Fully Customizable Adjustable Volume Creative Print LCD Video Mailer

Specializing in the production of various types of custom video brochure,video greeting cards, video gift box, advertising machine, for advertising gifts, shelves video player advertising. Customized according to customer requirements, customized LOGO, boot screen logo,human sensor function, long standby function, wireless WIFI remote control, touch screen; CCC, CE, FCC and other certification, there is a demand , Will be able to cooperate, welcome advice!

Product Details

Fully Customizable Video brochure cards: 
1. Custom video brochure shape
2. Custom lcd promotional video card  size
3. Custom LCD Video brochure printing and colors
4. Custom lcd mailer memory 
5. Custom Color screen greeting cards screen size;
6. Custom LCD Screen greeting card buttons
7. Custom videobrochures swtich styles
All requirement as you like to choose. Create your own LCD Video Mailer for business,promotional,holiday greeting,party invitations,advertising...etc.

LCD Video mailer Operating Instructions:

 1. When you open lcd video card , it will automatically play the video loop playback. Once it’s closed, it will stop playing video.

2. Charge: First,USB ties is inserted to computer and then insert to the card USB interface, which the battery could be charged. During the charging process, lcd video book is closed. The charging time is 3~4 hours.

3. When using lcd screen video brochure, it cannot be blended, patted and dropped.

4. You must switch off the video firstly and then connect with the computer.

5. When loading the videos, the video files could be stored to the VIDEO Folder of the removable Disk. We also could copy the data of the LCD card to the computer or U Disk

Buyer must read:

 1. Signature: 

The products video in print book have been properly packaged to ship. and make protective measures, please check whether the appearance of the product (including accessories, gifts) damage, the host and accessories, gifts missing, if the above problems can be directly signed, If more questions, please contact the seller to confirm receipt.

 2. Warranty: 

Non-human damage, any quality problems within 1 year, the shop free maintenance.

 3. Replacement: 

Package intact, intact and intact, since the date of receipt, 7 days can be replaced, due to product customization, replacement of the required return postage and materials costs borne by the buyer.

 4. Return: 

Well packaged, intact and functional intact, since the date of receipt, within 7 days of return, postage required for return and the seller before the postage issued by the buyer (product quality problems return seller bear the postage), and must guarantee Product appearance, packaging, accessories do not affect the resale.

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