Voice Postcard With USB

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Product Details

The selling point of Voice postcard USB:

1. Easy to use: 

* Like mp3 player, MP3 paper card,Turn switch to On,then Press button "Play" to hear music and sound, press button to pause music; 

* Any music you can upload by usb from computer; And you can delete music of the postcard card;

* Press button to choose next music or the previous music;

* Press button to control volume+/-;

2. Long time use:

* Postcard built-in rechargeable battery,can be used again and again for long time;

* Voice postcard with wwitch "On/off",not use,then can keep switch off to extend battery life.

3. Simple but Fashion:

* Postcard is simple, like paper card,EVA Card;But fashion,printing blessing "Happy birthday","Merry Christmas",...company and product promotion information. Not only to see,but also can hear sound or music,more interesting and more rich life.


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