Cute Toys Push Button With Talking

Cute Toys Push Button With Talking

Product Details

The factory is a professional development, production, sales (toy electronic accessories, LED flash accessories, sound emitting toy movement, music flash light movement, music / recording / flashing plastic toys, music / recording / flashing lights plush toys ).

For example: 1. plush dolls, ragdoll vocal accessories (sounders, sound boxes, pronunciation boxes, recording boxes, squeeze boxes, sounders, music boxes)

2, music movement, recording and playback core, flashlight music movement, voice movement, LED flashlight movement, flash movement core, waterproof music module. Recording and playback module, voice module, colorful LED light flash module. (Can be widely used in crafts, gift boxes, plastic toys, plush toys, vinyl toys, resin art products, ceramic art products, glass art products, wood products, jewelry boxes, lighting, holiday gifts, jewelry gift boxes, high-grade Gift packaging, early childhood education, electronic vocal books and other fields.)

The above products can be used to trigger key functions, such as button switch, vibration switch, light control switch, voice control switch, remote control switch, touch switch, temperature control switch, human body sensor switch, etc., can be customized according to customer requirements of various voice, flashing lights and functions and Product size, welcome to map, OEM.

Product Category Toy Electronic Accessories

Brand ZXS

Specifications 89mm*40mm

Origin Shenzhen

Packing method oppbag

Trade Type Export

Color customization

Quality CE ROHS EN71-1/2/3 REACH

Power supply 2*AAA, replaceable battery, open button bottom battery cover

Sound length 5 seconds, 10 seconds, 20 seconds, 30 seconds and other custom

Shape Round Button

Play mode Press the top cover to play the sound of quotations

buzzer button.jpg

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