Easy Push Music Press Sound Button

Easy Push Music Press Sound Button

Product Details

Easy Push Music Press Sound Button

Size: 80mm x 40mm high

Shape: Round

Play button Top cover

The length of the sound is 15 seconds. 

(It can be a period or several different sounds.)

Built-in speaker 29mm, 8 ohm/0.25 watt

Power supply 2 AAA batteries, battery can be replaced

The number of plays can be played more than 1200 times. 

(The battery can be replaced after use and continue to use)

Quality standard CE ROHS EN71-1/2/3 REACH standard test

Packaging Each white box or gift box, 200 / outer box. 39.5 X 38 X 35CM.13KGS

for order, pls contact maggie@zxstoys.com

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