Light Music Baby Sleep Sound Machine

Light Music Baby Sleep Sound Machine

Product Details

Custom programmable  2 different baby music song for baby sleeping box/  sleep sound machine



Baby Sleep Sound machine is a good products for children gifts or toys,it can also application for promotion, shop selling and so on. Can customized any sound and music for baby sleep machine. You can send us your music file,we will help you make it into the sleep box sound chip. Once somebody turn on power On/Off, beautiful songs will be play.If interest,please feel free to contact with us,I can show videos for your reference.


Sound machine sleep baby specification :

1. Message: Voice, music, melody, sound are available

2. Function Option: Pre-recorded

3. Voice duration: 1-340s, even more if needed.

4. Size: 90x64x22mm

5. Sound format: MP3, WAV

6. Switch Option: Scroll switch

7. Battery: 3pcs AA dry cell batteries      

8. Application: gift,electronic sound toy, sound gift,promotion,baby sleeping and so on

9. Certificate: CE ROHS    

10. OEM and ODM are welcome 

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