Multiple Buttons Digital LED Keychain

Multiple Buttons Digital LED Keychain

Product Details

Souvenir Mini LED Flashlights keychain with multiple buttons,Electronic Keychain with LED Light,Digital Keychain with LED Indicator light 


1. Hot sale led keychain can be used for lighting,gifts and advertisement

2. LED Flashlight keychains can print or engraving logo and trade mark as your request.

3. Flashlight keychain with environment friendly and Easy to take and use,different buttons with different funciton,press the button to record,press the button to play pre-recorded sound,press the button to light up flashlight;

4. You can use this mini LED Keychain to open the door in the night; Can light up your dark night.

5. ZXS Customized keychain is ideal for trade show, new product launch, marketing events, we promoting your branding, your new movie.

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