Music Module Box For Plush Toy

Music Module Box for Plush Toy

Product Details

Music Module Box for Plush Toy

Applied for: promotional package, toys

Message: animal sound,melody,music, customized sounds are available

Composition: PCB,voice IC, speaker or buzzer 2*AG3 batteries,mircophone etc

Function: The message like animal sound,melody,music,customized sound

Recording duration: 1-1800s even more if required

Activate: by touch, voice, light, vibration, temperature, infrared or timing

Battery: AG10/ AG13, or customized.standard battery could be keep use for 40-50

Speaker: 21/ 27/ 29/ 40 mm, or customized

Voice quality: Clear and vivid voice quality

Product Keywords: programmable pull string music box for plush toys or dolls

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