Pre-record Sounds Buzzers Talking Button

Pre-record Sounds Buzzers Talking Button

Product Details

Manufacturers produce large crush boxes Button sound box Darren show button Responder

For toys, product promotion, event gifts, used in schools or activities, answering devices, entertainment educational toys

Sound squeezing box meets CE ROHS EN71-1/2/3 REACH quality standards, safety and environmental protection, can be used for children, the elderly and all ages.

Button sound box, with the custom sound required by the customer, pre-recorded music, voice, voice, animal calls, traffic sounds, a variety of alarm sound and other sound effects.

The answering device is simple to operate. It is only necessary to press the top cover to play a prerecorded voice or music.

The cover is printed on the logo, and the side of the base can also be printed with a logo.

The product's shape, size, shell color, logo, and sound can all be customized.

Product Specifications: 72*28.5mm

Voice content: sound/music/natural sound effect/speaking sound optional (customer/sound source available)

Speaker Type: 16mm, 23mm, 27mm, 29mm, 36mm, 40mm, 57mm Optional

Voice duration: 2S-120S can be customized

Parts: Extruded plastic box + music IC + speaker + PCB board + switch + battery ···

Control method: drag film, key switch, micro switch, light control, etc.

Battery: AAA battery

Certification: CE, ROHS, EN71

Minimum order quantity: 5000PCS


1. Working voltage 3-4.5V

2. A variety of animal calls, natural sound effects.

3. Applicable to electronic voice, puzzle / science / technology toys

4. This product can be designed according to customer requirements of various types of functions and PCB.PCBA


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