Round LED Flashlight Panic Alarm Keychain For Runners

Round LED Flashlight Panic Alarm Keychain For Runners

Product Details

LED personal alarm with the new environmentally friendly ABS plastic material , about 130 decibels loud volume, silver, white, black, pink, green, blue, a variety of colors for choice,and can be customized according to customer color.

1. ZXS emergency buzzer by designer well-designed, stylish avant-garde, take personal buzzer alarm out, that fashion beauty, but also provide a guarantee for personal safety, but also to attract the eye.

2. Self-defense alarm, suitable for students, white-collar workers, in case of danger, unplug the metal latch, will immediately issue a high-decibel alarm sound, let the criminals feel scared, dark night walking on the road, you can press the side of the button, can be as Flashlight

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alarm for kids.jpgled-light-personal-attach-alarm01271866725.jpg

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