Best Personalised Musical Valentines Cards For Wife Boyfriends

Valentines day cards,personalised valentines cards with Music,valentine greeting cards with LED Light,fiber optic greeting cards and music chips, sound modules.

Product Details

Item: Musical Valentines Cards,LED Light Valentine's greeting cards;

A.Features :If you send sound file to us with mp3 or wave file format so that we could record sound into the chip .

B.PLaying function:When you press the top of custom sound module and It will play your pre-recorded sound.

1. Message:custom voice, music and sound are available.

2. Music time:time: 1s to 80s are available.

3. Components:Card, voice ic, PCB board, speaker and batteries.

4. Slip switch or push button activates the music. Other methods of activation can also be achieved such as light, motion or vibration.

5. Clear and vivid music quality.

6.  All memories will not lose when power if off.

7. Battery: 3*AG10 button battery,can not replace the battery.

8. Battery use time: over 300 times

9. Activate by slide switch, push button, light sensor or motions sensor.

10.There is an insulating strip under the battery to cut the sound module power while shipping, so please does not worry about the power work out after long time delivery.

11.Play function can be selected: touch-tone, mechanical, optical control

  a.Pressing: press the sowing key to start the sound.

  b.Mechanical: open the greeting card and begin to play sound.

  c.Optically controlled: opening a greeting card begins to play sound. (affected by the brightness of the light, dark conditions or too weak light will affect the playback).


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